Security Job Requirements

Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival

Job Description

Security Volunteers are responsible for providing security for our artists, production staff and maintaining order throughout the festival days. The main areas for security are backstage taking care of the green rooms, the Stage and any other areas that have been designated in advance. SUPERVISION Security Volunteeers will report directly to the the Festival's Director of Security.

Qualitfications, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Wear event appropriate clothing
  • Successfully complete all required volunteer forms
  • Must be responsible and courteous and have great communication skills
  • Be extremely detail oriented, remain organized in a fluid environment
  • Ability to work 12+ hours on a given day
  • Must have the ability to stand for 4 or more hours
  • This volunteer must not get “star-struck.” Professionalism is paramount. the artist and crew are here to work and expect to be treated professionally. Staff and volunteers are NOT permitted to ask for autographs or photos, unless approved by the Hospitality Coordinator AND the artist’s tour manager.
  • Breaks, downtime or special requests during your shift should be discussed with the Director of Security.